Old Picture Postcards of former Prussian German territories in Poland

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Former German Territories in Poland

German Province: Neumark / West Pomerania / Pommern

koenigsberg neumark

Here is a selection of images of the former German town of Konigsberg in Neumark / Western Pomerania, Prussia, Germany. Since 1945, Chojna, Poland.

konigsberg pommern

We hope that by making these old postcards available online that they will be of interest to anyone interested in the history of Koenigsberg Neumark or researching their ancestry.

Koenigsberg Nm

We have a large and ever-changing archive of old postcards and photographs of all former German locations in present-day Poland. These pictures are available for sale at reasonable prices to anyone, anywhere in the world. We can also offer these images as high-definition digital scans and/or reprints of photographs in our collection should that be of interest. The originals of these photographs and postcards date from 1898 through to 1945. If you are looking for images for your collection or publication just complete the form here and we will let you know what images we already have of your chosen location and also keep you notified if any more become available. Related Link: Buy maps of Konigsberg and area around it.

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konigsberg1.jpg (23670 bytes)

Konigsberg Neumark

- Bernikower gate and street scene

konigsberg2.jpg (24311 bytes)

Konigsberg Neumark

- Scwedter gate, shops, horses, people in the first decade of the 20th century

konigsberg4.jpg (15633 bytes)

Konigsberg Nm

- Bernikower gate seen from a different standpoint

konigsberg5.jpg (19832 bytes)

Konigsberg Nm

- the town hall and market place

konigsberg6.jpg (18544 bytes)

Konigsberg Nm

- the once magnificient St Marien Church and children in the main street. Photo postcard from 1908


konigsberg deutschland


Polish Name: Chojna

Polish Province: Zachodniopomorskie




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